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Kashmir Society for Humain Rights (Regd:) is completely and heartily with the Kashmiri and Pakistani people who became the victim of "Earthquake 8 October 2005". We pray to ALLAH (S.W.T) for the Shuhda of Earthquake 2005 for the best palaces for them in Jannat-ul-Firdaos. We also thankful to the world and the Pakistani Nation to help them morally and financially.

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To serve the humanity. Millions of people of Kashmir are living around the world for service, education and business. Majority of Kashmiries are suffering from un-employment, or they are very low paid employees. They living below the living standards.

Blood Donations.

Blood Donations are the main mission of the K.S.H.R. Kashmir Society for Human Rights (Regd) provides Blood Donations to the patients needs blood. For which uptill now, hundreds of members of K.S.H.R are giving directly blood donations. But now we are planning for a Blood Bank through which blood donations can be given on a safe way. The Blood Bank will consist upon a latest Labs equipped with latest machines.


The K.S.H.R helps the students who are not in a position to get admissions in Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout the Pakistan as well as all over the world. We are trying to link the latest advertisements of Admissions of schools, colleges and universities and technical institutions.


The un-employment is the great problem for the whole world. In Pakistan it is a big problem. We are trying to reduce it. For which we are linked with some websites through "Jobs" tab, which are giving advertisements of latest jobs. The persons seeking for jobs can use our "Jobs" tab to search the jobs according to their educational qualifications.


Welcom to the website of Kashmir Society for Human Rights (Regd:). The main mission of the K.S.H.R is to serve the huminity in trouble. We are trying our best to provide best information to the members of the K.S.H.R as well as people which need help in connection with their problems faced in any part of the country. We invite the world to join hands with us for the purpose for which we came into being in this world.

Kashmir Society for Human Rights (Regd:) is struggling to serve the Huminity whether they are poor patients, poor but brilliant students seeking for admission, poor people, higher qualified persons seeking for jobs.Please donate now for these great causes!!! Blood Donations, Money Donations, Donations in shape of Office Equipments, Blood Bank Lab Equipments and Ambulances.

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Ambulance Service.

The KSHR is going to start the ambulance service all over the Pakistan to help the people in case of accidents and illness. In case of death, the carriage of dead body by respectable way to the city, home town or the village of the decease person, Ambulance Service will be provided all over the Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

How we act upon on an emergency!

  • The every member of Kashmir Society for Human Rights are linked with mobiles phones, through this website and on the Face Book. Every part of the Pakistan and Azad Jammun & Kashmir is in our reach and connected 24 hours. If blood donations are required urgently anywhere and anytime, the hundreds of members of KSHR reach there within a short time notice. They always ready to give blood donations.

  • On the place of an emergency or any accident, we are ready to reach on the place within shortest time.

How you can donate?

Being a welfare organization, the Kashmir Society for Human Rights looking for cooperation of the world. For details please click on " Donations " or on the "Donations" tab.

The Kashmir Society for Human Rights struggling for serving the humanity. May ALLAH give us courage and help us towards the right path to serve his best creation on the planet. Join our hands to achieve this greatest target given by ALLAH to us.

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